Two Starter Packs of Starfinder Battles miniatures will be released by WizKids in July:  the Heroes Pack and the Monster Pack.

As announced last year (see “‘Starfinder Battles’ Minis Coming from WizKids”), the Starfinders Battles line will feature pre-painted plastic miniatures designed for use with Paizo’s Starfinder role playing game.

The Heroes Pack comes with a half-dozen miniatures suitable to represent typical player characters in the game, including an Android Xenoseeker, Kasatha Thaumaturge, Lashunta Mercenary Commando, Shirren Soldier, Ysoki Technomancer, and Vesk Champion.

The Monster Pack includes six typical Starfinder villains, with an Aeon Guard, Diasporan Space Pirate, Patrol-Class Security Robot, Necrovite, Space Goblin Zaperator, and a Contemplative.

Click Gallery below to see the miniatures.

Each Pathfinder Battles:  Starter Pack will be sold separately with an MSRP of $34.99 each.

Paizo announced a deal with Amazon late last year to add a voice-guided Starfinder interactive adventure through the Alexa assistant (see “Amazon’s Alexa Guides Players Through ‘Starfinder RPG’”).  Later this year, the game will be expanded with updated rules for starship combat (see “Roleplay Epic Space Battles with ‘Starfinder RPG:  Starship Operations Manual’”).