Asmodee USA Distribution has acquired exclusive distribution rights to Mantic Games’ Hellboy: The Board Game line, the company announced at GAMA Expo today.  The deal includes the base game, the expansion The Wild Hunt (see “Mantic Games Goes After ‘The Wild Hunt’”), and Hellboy in Mexico, due out in North America soon.  Asmodee will have the Hellboy products available in the U.S. in Q2 2020.

Asmodee will also initiate non-exclusive distribution of Mantic’s TerrainCrate line, the company announced.  The addition of non-exclusive lines to the Asmodee distribution portfolio is part of a major shift the company announced at GAMA Expo.

Asmodee also announced a major shift in its business model in the U.S. (see "Asmodee USA Distribution Making Massive Shift"), a round of price increases (see “Asmodee Announces Pricing Changes on Exclusive Lines”), and an end to its practice of providing replacement parts for games (see “Asmodee Ends Parts Replacement Services on Its Games”).