Fantasy Flight Games revealed Under Dark Waves, the next expansion for Arkham Horror, for release in Q3.

Off the New England coast, evil creeps along the shoreline and under the water’s surface as villagers go missing on a regular basis. In this new large box expansion for Arkham Horror, players investigate the other plagued towns of Massachusetts. The expansion comes with 2 new double-sided tiles for Kingsport and Innsmouth as well as eight new investigators. There are also 150 encounter and event cards, new assets, monsters, conditions, and a terror mechanic.

Under Dark Waves will retail for $54.95.

Fantasy Flight Games also announced Return to the Forgotten Age upgrade expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game which will release into trade in Q2 (see “'Arkham Horror: The Card Game' Revisits 'The Forgotten Age' In Upcoming Expansion “).