The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) announced the list of games nominated for 2020 Origins Awards. The Awards will be presented at the annual Origins Awards ceremony during Origins Game Fair June 17 to 21. The nominees are as follows:

Board Game Category

  • Cloudspire by Chip Theory Games
  • Colors of Paris by Super Meeple / Luma Imports
  • Guardian's Call by Druid City Games / Skybound Games
  • PARKS by Keymaster Games
  • Prêt-à-Porter by Portal Games
  • Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare by PSC Games
  • Tonari by IDW Games
  • Tricky Tides by Gold Seal Games / Zafty Games

Card Game Category

  • Cogs and Comissars by Atlas Games
  • DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth by Cryptozoic Entertainment
  • Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game by Osprey Games
  • Kamigami Battles: River of Souls by Japanime Games
  • Lockup: A Roll Player Tale by Thunderworks Games
  • Shuffle Grand Prix by Bicycle
  • UNDO: Cherry Blossom Festival by Pegasus Spiele

Collectible Game Category

  • Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati Booster Brick by WizKids

Digital Adaptation Category

  • Cutthroat Caverns by Smirk & Dagger Games /Cellbloc Studios
  • Mystic Vale by Alderac Entertainment Group / Nomad Games
  • Raiders of the North Sea by Renegade Game Studios / Garphill Games / Dire Wolf Digital
  • Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders by Czech Games Edition
  • Tsuro VR by Calliope Games / Thunderbox Entertainment Digital

Family Games Category

  • ClipCut Parks by Renegade Game Studios
  • Code Stack! by AMIGO Games
  • Dirty Pig by North Star Games
  • Draftosaurus by Ankama Boardgames / Luma Imports
  • Finger Guns at High Noon by Indie Boards and Cards

Game Accessory Category

  • Citadel Contrast Paint by Games Workshop
  • The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table by
  • Valhallah Screen by Dog Might Games
  • The Watson Game Topper System by Game Toppers
  • Wingspan Organizer and Dice Tower by The Broken Token

Historical Game Category

  • Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel (3E) by Academy Games
  • Pandemic: Fall of Rome by Z-Man Games
  • U-BOOT: The Board Game by Ares Games
  • Watergate by Capstone Games

Historical Minis Category

  • Bolt Action: Campaign D-Day Overlord by Osprey Games / Warlord Games
  • Bolt Action: Korea by Osprey Games / Warlord Games

Miniatures Game Category

  • Gaslands: Refuelled by Osprey Games
  • Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid by Renegade Game Studios
  • Reality's Edge: Cyberpunk Skirmish Rules by Osprey Games
  • Riot Quest by Privateer Press
  • Warcry by Games Workshop

Role-Playing Game Category

  • Alien: The Roleplaying Game by Free League Publishing
  • Over the Edge (3E) by Atlas Games
  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook (2E) by Paizo Inc.
  • Star Crossed by Bully Pulpit Games
  • Teens in Space by Renegade Game Studios / Hunters Entertainment