Humanoids has pushed back releases originally scheduled for Q2 to September and October, making a bet that the market will be functioning at something closer to normal capacity by then. “[T]o ensure the safety and prosperity of our creative community, retailer peers, and staff, Humanoids will be taking a short break in releasing new material,” Publisher Mark Waid said in the announcement.

The new release dates are:

  • September 1: Omni Vol. 1
  • September 8: The Incal Softcover
  • September 15: Wings of Light
  • September 22: Versailles, My Father’s Palace
  • September 29: The Fire of Theseus
  • October 6: The Metabarons, Second Cycle, Strangelands, Vol. 2
  • October 13: The Seven Lives of Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • October 20: Barbarella Softcover
  • October 27: Dog Days

The company is continuing with creative work during the publishing break, according to the announcement.