The apocalyptic alt-history world featured in 2019's Flotilla is the setting for Seastead, a new game from WizKids releasing in October.

Seastead is a two-player game of resource collection, sharing, and management created by Ian Cooper (Ascending Empires) and Jan Gonzalez.  In a world completely flooded by man-made disaster (see “WizKids Imagines Alt-history Apocalypse with ‘Flotilla’”), the players must try to rebuild civilization by retrieving as they compete for control of the last four Flotillas.  But, due to the precarious nature of the Flotilla’s survival, they cannot risk open hostilities between them.

Each turn, they may “dive” into the ocean to retrieve resources by drawing cards, but they must share the resources gained with their opponent.  Alternatively, they can use the resources they have collected to add buildings to a Flotilla, possibly gaining access to new abilities and bonuses, which in turn could be used by either player.

The game comes with 4 double-sided Flotilla tiles, 12 dock tiles, 24 buildings, 8 construction ships, 19 tokens, and 50 cards.  Seastead can be played solo or as a two-player head-to-head game.  It is intended for ages 12 and up and takes about half an hour to play.  MSRP is 29.99.

This summer, WizKids plans to release Gates of Mara, designed by Flotilla co-creator J.B. Howell (see “Lead a Tribe into the ‘Gates of Mara’”).