Original art by five premier artists drew six figure prices in last week’s $9 million Heritage Auction, with comics, Pokemon, and video games all bringing strong prices as well.

This is a continuation of the strong performance of collectibles during the coronavirus quarantine (see "Pandemic Quarantine Has Been Good for Collectibles Auctions"), following up a big growth year in 2019 (see "Heritage Auctions Records a Banner Year").

The top price for original art was for a Frank Frazetta piece, "The Serpent," which went for $300,000.

The Bernie Wrightson art for the front endpapers of Mary Wollstoneceaft Shelley’s Frankenstein gaveled at $240,000.

The splash page art featuring Rhino from Amazing Spider-Man #41, by John Romita, Sr. and Mike Esposito brought $180,000.

A Carl Barks duck painting, Surprise Party at Memory Pond, brought $156,000.

And the Barry Smith cover art for X-Men #55, featuring Havoc, sold at $132,000.

The top comic in the auction was a CGC 8.0 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, which sold for $180,000.

A CGC 6.0 Superman #1 sold for 144,000.

Packaged games also did well, both tabletop and video games.

The top video game was a Wata 8.0 copy of Super Mario Bros.., which sold for $40,200.

Two Legend of Zelda games, sealed and graded, sold for over $30,000. A Wata 9.6 copy of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link sold for $38,400, and a Wata 9.4 copy of The Legend of Zelda sold for $33,600.

A Wata 9.2 copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! also sold for $33,600.

The top TCG lot, a Pokemon First Edition Neo Genesis Set Sealed Booster Box, sold for $14,400.