Atomic Mass Games announced Thanos Character Pack, a new miniature set for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, for release in July.

The Mad Titan is heading to Marvel: Crisis Protocol in search of the Infinity Gems. This character pack sets players up with all the materials necessary to battle against Thanos, the Mad Titan in their games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. It adds rules for a multi-player game mode called Ultimate Encounters where players try to beat Thanos before he can trigger the Infinity Gems and wreck the universe.

The game box comes with a Character Stat card, 2 Tactic cards, 6 Infinity Gem cards, 14 Ultimate Encounter cards, 40 tokens, a Ultimate Encounter rulebook, a Thanos miniature, 2 bases, and a Throne Terrain Feature. This set will retail for $64.95.

Atomic Mass Games released Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game Core Set in last Fall (see "Atomic Mass Games Unveils 'Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game' ").

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