Rather Dashing Games has acquired the rights to Downton Abbey to produce a new card game based on the Downton Abbey movie. The new card game will release in Q4 of 2020.

Mike Richie, co-founder of Rather Dashing Games, commented on the license acquisition:

"My wife and I have been fans since the very first season so I'm thrilled at the prospect of adding my game design to the amazing world of Downton Abbey,” said Richie.

The new Downtown Abbey game will be an easy-to-learn card game for ages 12 and up, and is based around competing to capture cards with key moments of resolution, revelation, and emotional closure.  It interweaves all of the bustle of the upstairs family and the downstairs staff working to prepare Downton for the arrival King and Queen. The projected MSRP of this product is $29.99.