Image Comics unveiled Commanders in Crisis, a new series by Arcancia Studio, for release on October 14.

This new superhero series tells the story of the last five survivors of doomed worlds that live among the people under new identities. Seeking a second chance, these five heroes come together to solve a murder where the victim is Compassion itself. The book features the talent duo of writer Steve Orlando alongside artist Davide Tinto.

Commanders in Crisis is all the energy and creativity I've served for the past five years, now completely unchained!” said Orlando. “No rules, no restraints, the type of strange and passionate ideas that brought me into the medium in the first place. Comics should be bold, comics should be big, and comics should be badass. This is my first freelance launch since 2015, and we're taking a nuclear shot across the bow. No vanilla vengeance here! This is a fight for comics as they need to be.”

Image Comics also recently revealed The Scumbag, a new comedy espionage series by Rick Remender, for release in October (see "Image Comics Reveals Rick Remender's 'The Scumbag'").