Wizards of the Coast announced that they are piloting a program where U.S. WPN retailers can get "major announcements" for Magic sent to their phones via text message.

The new program is aimed at keeping WPN retailers informed about Magic product news before the players ask about it. Through this program, WotC will text retailers at most ten times a month with major announcements and scheduling reminders. They have, thus far, only offered this to U.S. retailers and global retailers are not allowed to join at this time.

The value of this program will depend on how WotC utilizes it.  WotC has traditionally used their web site and Twitter as the primary ways of dumping previews and product reveals onto everyone at the same time, which occasionally escapes some retailers' line of sight during high traffic release periods. WotC has recently had more scheduling changes than ever before, a suitable cause for quick notifications (see "WotC Announces More Shipping Delays"). A direct message from WotC could help keep retailers informed a little better. But depending on their definition of "major announcements," WotC could also use this direct line as an opportunity to send sales or other general promotional messages directy to retailers' phones.