Sealed video games, Pokemon TCG cards, comics original art and high grade comics all brought strong prices at the Heritage Auctions Signature Auction that ended Sunday.  We highlighted the auction early as having a number of lots that could set trends (see "Ultra Rare ‘Pokemon’ Card and High-Grade Cartridge on the Block"), and were not disappointed.

Perhaps the most impressive lot was the Wata 9.4 Super Mario Bros. sealed cartridge for NES, which gaveled at $114,000.  Also in the video game category were a Sega Pluto-02 Console Prototype, for a console that was never made in the mid-90s, which sold for $84,000; and a Wata 9.2 B copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, which sold for $50,400.

The Pokémon Super Secret Battle "No. 1 Trainer" Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card (1999) PSA Gem MT 10, given away to a winner of a 1999 tournament and one of only seven known to exist, sold for $90,000.  Another promo card, Pokémon Parent/Child Mega Battle "Kangaskhan" Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card (1998) PSA MINT 9, this one from a 1998 tournament and one of 40 known to exist, sold for $37,200.

Three pieces of comic original art sold for over $100,000: a Brian Bolland page from Batman: The Killing Joke, which sold for $156,000; a Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman splash page from X-Men #4, which sold for $132,000; and the cover art for Fantastic Four #95 by Jack Kirby and the late Joe Sinnott (see "R.I.P. Joe Sinnott"), which sold for $114,000.

Two comics sold for six figures:  a CGC 5.0 copy of Superman #1, which sold for $360,000, and a CGC 8.0 copy of Wonder Woman #1, which sold for $120,000.

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