Upper Deck Entertainment will release Futures Past, for Marvel VS System 2PCG, this August.

The first issue of the Omega Level Arc, Futures Past focuses on the Days of Future Past comic story line.  Players will be able to recruit a team of Sentinels that can get stronger and learn new powers for every other Sentinel in their KO pile.  Players will also be able to use a Sentinel as their Main Character.

Futures Past will include characters like Ahab and his brainwashed Hounds, and will offer the Mutant Control Act Plot Twist that will keep enemy characters from gaining or losing power.

Futures Past will be followed by the releases of Freedom Force in September and The Omegas in October.  Each expansion will contain 55 cards and rulesheet.  The Marvel VS System 2PCG is for 2 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30 minutes.  The expansions will retail for $14.99 upon release.

Upper Deck recently released the final two releases for the Fantastic Four-centered First Family arc (see "Galactus Threatens The Earth In ‘VS System 2PCG’").

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