The Pokémon Company International announced Champion’s Path, the latest expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, set to hit retail stores on September 25.

In the Champion’s Path expansion, trainers can collect pins with Gym logos and foil cards that represent each partner Gym Leader in the Galar region. This is intended to mirror experiences in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games. The new booster set will feature 11 Pokemon V, 4 full-art Pokemon V, 3 Pokemon VMAX, and 1 full-art Supporter card. Characters showcased in this set inculde Venusaur, Lucario, and Incineroar as new Pokemon V as well as Drednaw VMAX and Alcremie VMAX.

The pins for players to collect come in the Champion’s Path Pin Collection. There are six different versions of this set featuring different Gym Leaders in the Galar region, and each set comes with that Gym Leader's pin and foil card. The collections for Milo’s Turffield Gym, Nessa’s Hulbury Gym, and Kabu’s Motostoke Gym come out on September 25, and the pin collections for by Opal’s Ballonlea Gym, Piers’ Spikemuth Gym, and Raihan’s Hammerlocke Gym will arrive on November 13.

Alongside the boosters, the Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box will be released. This set comes with a Gigantamax Charizard, a full-art promo card of Charizard V, 10 Champion’s Path booster packs, and other accessories. Also, on September 25, the Dubwool V Champion's Path Collection arrives in stores with the Hatterene V Champion's Path Collection coming later on October 23. These boxes have a foil promo card, an oversize card of the featured character, and 4 Champion's Path boosters.    

Additionally, on October 23, the Champion’s Path Marnie Special Collection will arrive in stores. This set comes with 2 Pokemon V promo cards, 8 Champion’s Path booster packs, 2 collector’s pins, and a Pokemon TCG playmat.

Recently, an ultra rare Pokemon TCG Trainer card sold for $90,000 at auction (see "Video Games, Pokemon TCG Cards, Comic Art, Comics Bring Big Prices in Heritage Auction").

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