Dark Horse Comics will release the third and final arc of G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward’s Invisible Kingdom as a trade paperback, skipping the periodical comics format entirely, Ward Tweeted.  This is the second Berger Books title published by Dark Horse to take this route in the last week: The Seeds, by Ann Nocenti and David Aja will also go straight to trade paperback, skipping the remaining periodical issues (see "Dark Horse to Complete ‘The Seeds’ as Trade Paperback").

The trade paperback will complete the story, which was planned for 15 issues.  Two trade paperbacks, collecting issues #1 - #10, have been released, the most recent last month.

Periodical sales for Invisible Kingdom have been modest, with 3,749 copies sold to comic stores from Diamond North America in February (see "Top 500 Comics – February 2020").

The title was awarded the Eisner Award for Best New Series last week (see "Eisner Awards 2020").