Gen Con Online News:  Fantasy Flight Games unveiled two new Expansion Packs for Star Wars: Legion, Anakin Skywalker Commander Expansion and Darth Maul and Sith Probe Droids Operative Expansion, for release in November.

Anakin Skywalker Commander Expansion brings one of the galaxies most notorious Jedi Knights to games of Star Wars: Legion.  This expansion comes with everything players need to use Anakin Skywalker in Republic armies.  The game box comes with a Anakin Skywalker miniature, a 27mm round base, an Aim token, a Dodge token, an Order token, a Standby token, 4 Suppression tokens, 3 Surge tokens, 3 Wound tokens, a Anakin Skywalker unit card, a Flaw card, 3 Command cards, and 6 Upgrade cards.  This set will retail for $14.95.

Avenge the Sith Lords with Darth Maul and Sith Probe Droids Operative Expansion!  Darth Maul reveals himself to the world of Star Wars: Legion bearing a double-bladed lightsaber and three Sith Probe Droids for recon.  This set comes with a Darth Maul miniature, 3 DRK-1 Sith Probe Droid Miniatures, 4 27mm round bases, 3 Flight pegs with mounting discs, an Aim token, a Dodge token, an Incognito token, 3 Observation tokens, 2 Order tokens, a Suppression token, a Surge token, 3 Wound tokens, a Maul unit card, a DRK-1 Sith Probe Droids unit card, 3 Command cards, and 8 Upgrade cards.  The MSRP on this set will be $14.95.

Fantasy Flight Games has also announced six new ships drawn from each era of films, coming to Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition in Q4 2020 (see "New Ships Join the Fight in 'Star Wars: X-Wing'").

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