Fantasy Flight Games has announced Filed of Victory and Blood of the Lioness for the Legends of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game and the Twisted Loyalties Dynasty Pack for Legends of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

The Rokugan has seen its fair share of war throughout history.  The Great Clans have been at odds with each other at one time or another as they have served the Empire.  The invaluable lessons of their forebears will aid the generals of the Great Clans should the Rokugan find itself at war once more.

Coming in early 2021, Fields of Victory source book contains information on warfare in Rokugan, both past and present, present from the Lion Clan’s perspective.  Fields of Victory introduces the Badger Clan as a new Minor Clan for players to use within their games.  Game Masters will be provided with over thirty pages of new tools, supplemental rules, and guidance for running wartime scenarios, including rules for mass battles.  The new source book will retail for $39.95.

Launching with Fields of Victory, Blood of the Lioness is a new adventure book seeing players on a quest to mediate a conflict between the Scorpion and Unicorn Clans.  The Scorpion Clan claims rights to a diamond mine in the heart of the Unicorn Clan’s territory.  Players must journey to the Akodo War College as the search for the truth becomes more complicated than anyone could imagine.  The new adventure book will include a double-sided map and a variety of punchboard tokens.  The book will retail for $19.95.

Coming in Q4 2020, the Twisted Loyalties Dynasty Pack will launch the new Temptations cycle of cards for the L5R LCG.  The theme of the cycle resolves each of the Great Clans’ pursuit of a desire or goal no matter the cost.  The new pack introduces a new keyword with ‘Dire,’ which grants a powerful ability to cards when it has no Fate on it, varying in ability depending on the specific card.  Twisted Loyalties Dynasty Pack features 60 brand-new cards, including three copies each of nineteen different cards and on copy each of three different cards.  The new pack will retail for $14.95.

Fantasy Flight previously announced Atonement for the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game in June (see "Fantasy Flight Games Unveils ‘Legend of the Fiver Rings: Atonement’").

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