Privateer Press has announced new Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika miniatures for release in November.

The Warcaster - Ranger Heavy Support: Marcher World Squad provide fire support to ranger forces on the battlefield.  The squad is equipped with Talon Rocket Launchers and can activate a Slip Displacer to immediately move up to 3".  Special mechanika targets enable the troopers in the squad to pre-roll their ranged attack rolls while charged.

The Warcaster - Paladin Annihilators: Iron Star Alliance Squad provides heavy support to Alliance forces on the battlefield.  The squad is armed with Harbinger Cannons, rapid-fire weapons that can hit up to three models with each attack.  While charged, models can make ranged attacks that ignore cover.  The Harbinger Cannons can fire Hunter-Killer Rounds that enable the squad to spike to target enemy models not within line of sight.  The squad’s Paladin Compound Armor grants a bonus against explosion damage.

Warcaster - Vassal Witch Hunters: Aeternus Continuum Squad offers fire support to the Aeternus Continuum forces during battle.  While slowed by the weight of their Hex Cannons, Witch Hunters Phase Sequencer allow them to maneuver to the best possible positions, allowing them to move through walls, buildings, and other models.  Hex Cannons rob enemy targets of Arcane protections and expire any Cypher cards on hit units immediately.  Vassal Witch Hunters’ Mimetic Cloaks grant the models Stealth while charged.

The three-model squads are all metal and come unassembled. Each set will retail for $24.99 upon release.

Privateer Press previously announced new models for release in October (see "Privateer Press Unleashes New 'Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika' Miniatures").

Click Gallery below for full-size pics of the figures!