WizKids revealed a wave of seven Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniatures packs, for release into in November 2020.   

Five of these packs will be two-count miniature offerings that include a high-level and a low-level miniature of the same character type. These miniature sets are highly-detailed with deep cuts for easier painting as well as primed and prepped to paint right out of the box. The five two-count sets are as follows:

  • Pathfinder Deepcuts: Human Rogue Male
  • Pathfinder Deepcuts: Elf Fighter Male
  • Pathfinder Deepcuts: Goblin Rogue Male
  • Pathfinder Deepcuts: Goblin Rogue Female
  • Pathfinder Deepcuts: Goblin Fighter Male

These packs will retail for $4.99 each.

The other two miniature packs slated for November 2020 are two elemental figures, Pathfinder Deepcuts: Huge Fire Elemental Lord and Pathfinder Deepcuts: Huge Air Elemental Lord. Both are single-count packs featuring unpainted figures with translucent parts, and require little assembly. The elemental miniature packs will retail for $14.99.

WizKids recently revealed four Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniatures packs, Cultist & Devil, Dullahan, Minotaur Labyrinth Guardian, and Nightmare Dragon, for release into trade in August 2020.  (see "WizKids Reveals Four New Monsters for 'Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts''").

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