Steamforged Games has announced two new boxed champion sets for its hybrid miniatures board game Godtear, both releasing in September:  Luella, The Raging Storm and Jeen, The Wandering Warrior.

Each set includes all of the miniatures and cards needed to add the new champion to the game:

Luella, The Raging Storm features the spear-wielding Luella, who specializes in whirlwind attacks and fury-based tactics.  The kit includes Luella, a trio of supporting Shieldmaidens, and her banner.  MSRP is $30.00.

Jeen, The Wandering Warrior is a champion of the downtrodden who always looks for wrongs in need of righting.  This kit includes Jeen, four Golden Shrike followers, and her banner.  MSRP is $30.00.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Click Gallery below to see the miniatures from both sets.

Released late last year, Godtear is a fantasy battle game of head-to-head skirmishes (see “Steamforged’s ‘Godtear’ Poised to Launch”).  The two new champions were not part of the game’s Kickstarter campaign.  Earlier this month, the company released the first new champion, Keera, The Dragon Princess (see “Steamforged Games Unveils New ‘Godtear’ Champion Set”).