Wizards of the Coast announced  Secret Lair: Showcase Zendikar Revisited, a new direct sale Secret Lair set, available on September 23.

This new Secret Lair revisits the previous Zendikar sets, Battle for Zendikar (see "'Battle for Zendikar' the Biggest 'Magic' Launch Ever") and Zendikar Block, through five Showcase frame cards: Admonition Angel, Roil Elemental, Zulaport Cutthroat, Warren Instigator, and Avenger of Zendikar. These five cards are commonly used in the Commander format, and will feature new art by Matteo Bassini, Anato Finnstark, Bastien Grivet, Daniel Lieske, and Dominik Mayer.

This drop set will be available for direct purchase for a limited time only. It will be available in both foil and non-foil, and will retail for $29.99 for the non-foil version and $39.99 for foil version.  

Wizards of the Coasts dropped some additional product information about the upcoming Zendikar Rising set for Magic: The Gathering including the contents of the two Commander Decks and what is on The List for Set Boosters (see "Wizards of the Coast Releases More 'Magic: The Gathering' 'Zendikar Rising' Product Info").

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