Ultra PRO unveiled Dungeons & Dragons: Cover Series Playmats for release in November.

Dungeons & D Dragons: Cover Series Playmats is a new, evergreen line by Ultra PRO that features the cover art of various D&D books on a gaming mat. As more D&D books arrive in stores, this line will expand to include their covers on  D&D mats as well. The new game mats are meant to offer a safe space to put character sheets and roll clunky d20 dice on without damaging the table.

Each rubber mat measures approximately 24 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall, and will retail for $21.95.

Ultra PRO also announced the next wave of Dungeons & Dragons: Figurines of Adorable Power for release into trade in November (see "More Cute Monsters Join 'Dungeons & Dragons: Figurines of Adorable Power'").

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