Just under a year after announcing the opening of the Chicago Board Game Cafe (see "CAH To Open Chicago Board Game Café"), CAH has already exited the restaurant business by selling their flagship location to Amfil Technologies Inc., which owns the Snakes & Lattes chain. Chicago Board Game Cafe will now become Snakes & Lattes' seventh location and reopen on October 14.

“There was just enough time for the cafe to earn rave reviews for its food, design, and overall awesomeness, but not enough time for many Chicagoans to experience it,” said Ben Castanie, President of Snakes & Lattes.

CAH had an unusually rough go of its first venture into the restaurant business.  The cafe was open a grand total of one month and one day before the State of Illinois closed down all restaurants in response to the COVID-19.  The forced closure was beyond CAH's control, and the Snakes & Lattes team may have to deal with similar circumstances in the future.  To navigate the reopened restaurant through these unprecedented times, they have upgraded Executive Chef Aaron McKay to the role of Vice President of Food and Beverage for Snakes & Lattes USA, Corp., added General Manager Megan Canty, and replaced Chef de Cuisine Evan Behmer with Chef de Cuisine Damian Sandoval.