Although it’s hard to believe there are still employees left to cut, the latest round of around 1,500 job cuts at WarnerMedia this week (see "Around 1,500 More Job Cuts Coming at WarnerMedia") includes more heads rolling at DC, including some familiar names, according to The Beat.

Top-ranked among the known DC departures was Michele Wells, who since August shared the editor-in-chief role with Marie Javins following the layoff of then-EIC Bob Harras in a round of layoffs that cut around one-third of editorial staff (see "DC Implosion – Major Staff Cuts").  In old-school Warner Bros. fashion (two women enter, one woman leaves), Wells was moved out when Marie Javins was given the permanent position of editor-in-chief earlier this week (see "Marie Javins Now DC Editor-in-Chief").  Group editor Alex Carr was also cut.

Also gone are several long-time DC employees who worked with the Direct Market: Sales Manager Stuart Schreck, a 20-year DC veteran; Director, Marketing Services Adam Philips (26 years); and Executive Director – Events Fletcher Chu-Fong (18 years).

It seems pretty clear that DC is not only going to be considerably smaller (see "Jim Lee: Bottom 20-25% of the DC Line Was Losing Money"), it’s also decreasing its footprint in and around comic stores, a sad development for the ecosystem the company has done so much to nurture and grow over the years.