Marvel Comics unveiled Way of X, a new X-Men series, for release in April.

Si Spurrier, British comics writer known for his work on 2000 AD, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, and The Sandman Universe (see "Preview: 'The Sandman Universe' #1"), is set to add another chapter to X-Men lore.  Spurrier had previously worked on X-Men titles before, like X-Men Legacy and X-Force (see "New 'X-Force' Series"), and is expected to apply his high-concept storytelling style to the Way of X as well.  Spurrier commented on the new series:

“I should probably just tell a lie for the sake of a neat elevator pitch and say that Way of X is a story about the creation of a new mutant religion," said Spurrier.  "But it’s not... not really.  That’s kinda where it starts, for sure. Nightcrawler realizes something’s wrong with the hearts and minds of mutantkind and sets out to fix it.  But as he quickly discovers, this isn’t a job for priests and prayers… The question is, what do they have to become in order to fight it?"

Nightcrawler is the leader of a brand-new team that sets out to delve into the mysteries of the X-Men’s new way of life in Krakoa.  Art for the first issue is provided by Bob Quinn, and the cover is rendered by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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