Marvel Comics will launch a new X-Force series in February, replacing both Uncanny X-Force and Cable and X-Force, according to USA Today, Marvel’s house organ of late.  Both of the existing series will end early in 2014 after their four-part Vendetta crossover (see "Marvel Announces 'X-Force' Crossover").
The new X-Force will be written by Si Spurrier (2000 AD, Judge Dredd Magazine, Crossed) with art by Rock-he Kim (Age of Ultron, Infinity: Against the Tide).  “This isn't a steroidal macho-fest:  It's a slick, nasty, oh-so-grim beast that'll cut your throat and blow up your headquarters before you even know it's there," said Spurrier of the new group – which will include Cable, Psylocke, Marrow and Fantomex.
Of correlation to the X-Force movie in development (see "'Kick-Ass 2' Director Penning 'X-Force' Film"), Spurrier was cagey, only commenting that he is focused on having his team stick to tradition and remain dedicated to protecting the mutant cause.