Image Comics unveiled The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1, the first issue of a new The Old Guard anthology series, for release on April 21.

This six-issue anthology expands on tales of The Old Guard, riding the success of the Netflix Original film adaptation.  The anthology event will have brand-new stories from series co-creators Greg Rucka and Leandro  Fernandez as well as contributions from the new head of Justice League Brian Michael Bendis (see "Brian Michael Bendis Teases His Takeover of 'Justice League' on Instagram"), Children of the Atom's Vita Ayala (see "Vita Ayala and Bernard Chang Team for 'Children of the Atom' "), Kelly Sue Deconnick, Matt Fraction, David F. Walker, Horacio Altuna, Rick Burchett, Valentine De Landro, Justin Greenwood, Kano, Nicola Scott, and more.

The first issue features a story by Rucka and Leandro Fernandez about Andromache the Scythia, and her battle axe over the centuries.  It also includes a second story by Andrew Wheeler and Jacopo Camagni about  Nicolo "Nicky" di Genova and Yusuf "Joe" al-Kaysani getting into a fistfight with Nazis at Berlin's famed Eldorado nightclub in 1932. Additionally, this book will feature three covers: Cover A by Fernandez, Cover B by Jacopo Camagni, and Cover C which is an interconnecting "Battlefield" variant by Leandro Fernandez.

This book will retail for $3.99.

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