WizKids revealed three new Critical Role: Factions of Wildemount miniatures boxed sets for release in April.

Critical Role and WizKids have teamed up to offer high-quality figures for tabletop RPGs. These faction sets feature characters from the Critical Role world, and come with 8 or 9 pre-painted miniatures in each. The Dwendalian Empire Box Set comes with a Volstrucker Agent, a Ravenite Dragonborn, a Dwendalian Aristocrat, a Dwendalian Farmer, a Dwendalian Crownsguard, a Righteous Brand Soldier, a Hills of Pride's Call Farmer, and a Pumat Sol, and the Clovis Concord & Menagerie Box Set contains The Hollow One, a Fisherman of Clovis, a Clovis Noble, a Clovis Concord Zhelezo, a Shore Warden Soldier, The Grinner, a Blood Hunter, and a Pallid Elf.

The Kryn Dynasty & Xhorahas Box Set comes with nine miniatures: a Lotusden Halfling, a Dark Elf Rogue, an Echo Knight, an Echo, a Trader of Kryn, a Kryn Noble, a Graviturgy Wizard, a Chronurgy Wizard, and a Dunamancy Wizard. Each of these boxed sets will retail for $49.99.

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