Corvus Belli revealed O12 Booster Pack Alpha and Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha, for Infinity: Code One miniatures game, which will release on February 26.

These two army boosters will expand players' army lists and build upon their faction collections started with the Action Packs. The O12 Booster Pack Alpha comes with a Lynx miniature, a Razor miniature, and a Psi-cop Hacker. This pack will retail for around $40.

The Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha adds to the army started by players from the Shasvasti Action Pack. It come with a Tensho miniature, a Jayth miniature, and a Noctifier miniature. The Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha will retail for around $48.

Corvus Belli also announced Salvora Technopole Scenery Expansion Pack, a new Scenery Pack for the Infinity miniatures game, for release in February (see "Corvus Belli Announces a New Scenery Pack for 'Infinity'").

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