Funko Games has released the next set for Marvel Battleworld:  Mystery of the Thanostones, the Series 1 Mega Pack featuring Frost Giant Loki.

In Marvel Battleworld:  Mystery of the Thanostones, players work together to rescue heroes from the MCU that have been imprisoned by Thanos (see “Funko Announces ‘Marvel Battleworld:  Mystery of the Thanostones”).  If the heroes can win five battles before losing three, they will thwart Thanos’ plans win the game.

The Series 1 Mega Pack comes with everything that up to two players need to play the game, including an exclusive Frost Giant Loki with a foil hero card, three additional heroes with matching cards, and 2 “Mystery” heroes inside “Thanostones” that are meant to be opened only when they are earned during game play.  Also included are 6 hero stands, 13 battle cards, 1 attack die, 13 danger tokens, and 1 danger coin.  The entire series includes a total of 30 different hero figurines.  MSRP is $24.99.

The game can be played on its own using the components in the Mega Pack or combined with other sets to add additional heroes and expand the game to more players.  It is intended for 1 to 4 players, ages 6 and up, and takes about half an hour to play.

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In November, Funko released two other expansions for the game, the Thanos Ship Showdown and the Travel Portal – Gold Ultron (see “Funko Expands ‘Marvel Battleworld’”).

Later this year, Funko will release games based on Alice in Wonderland (see “Take a Trip to Wonderland in a Brand-New ‘Funkoverse Strategy Game’”) and the Fast & Furious movie franchise (see “Play a Quarter Mile at a Time in ‘Fast & Furious:  Highway Heist’”).