Hasbro dropped multiple movie and TV series announcements on their Investor Day for their various IPs, including Transformers, G.I.Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, and RISK.

The Transformers property garnered the most news from Investor Day.  On the movie front, Hasbro announced that there was a new animated full-length Transformers feature film in the works in addition to the Paramount live-action film scheduled for summer 2022 (see "Paramount Schedules 'Transformers,").  They also mentioned that Netflix would be making a 20-episode animated comedy series called Transformers: BotBots, and that Hasbro would partner with Nickelodeon to produce another original Transformers animated series.  This series would be exclusive to Nickelodeon before an international release and consist of 26 half-hour episodes.

The Dungeons and Dragons movie is preparing to begin principle photography.  This movie, which is stars Chris Pine (see " Pine Cast For 'D&D' Movie, Live Action 'Yu Yu  "), will be shot in Ireland.  Hasbro also mentioned that they have engaged writers to develop TV projects for D&D's brand universe.

Hasbro has formed a new partnership with Amazon and Paramount to create scripted TV series for G.I.Joe.  They also confirmed that the upcoming Snake Eyes feature film will be releasing October 2021 (see “Best in Shows--Q4 2021”).

The board game RISK is now in development as a scripted series.  This continues in line with Hasbro's quest to more of their board game properties into full-fledged film projects (see "'Clue' Animated Series in Development" and also "'Ouija: Origin of Evil,'").