Asmodee USA and Jasco Games have come to a worldwide distribution agreement for the English language version of My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game.

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game was originally scheduled to release into retail stores in May 2020 (see "Jasco Games Unveils Release Date for 'My Hero Academia: Collectible Card Game'") after being announced in 2019 (see "Jasco Games Enrolls In 'My Hero Academia' with CCG"). The game's release date was pushed back again, with Asmodee USA taking the reins of distribution, and the release is now scheduled for summer 2021.

The first wave of products will include the two-player Rival Deck, Deck-Loadable Content packs, playmats, and booster boxes with 24 packs. The Rival Deck contains two 51 card starter decks and two random Ultra Rares, and will retail for $29.99. Deck-Loadable Content packs contain 20 foil cards for $29.99. Booster displays feature packs containing 10 random cards and will retail for $110.00.

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