The first products for Modiphius Entertainment’s new Fallout role playing game have been revealed:  the Core Rulebook, Dice Set, Gamemaster’s Toolkit, and G.E.C.K. Special Edition Box will all be released this summer.  The new game was announced last year (see “Modiphius Entertainment Announces ‘Fallout 2D20 RPG’”).

The Fallout:  The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook will include all of the rules needed to create characters and run adventures set in the world of Fallout.  The 483-page hardcover book features Modiphius’ 2d20 role playing system, modified for the Fallout setting.  Rules for creating survivor, super mutant, ghoul, and Mister Handy robot characters are all included, along with a guide to the weapons, armor, and other equipment of the post-nuclear world plus a catalog of creatures and non-player characters and a complete 18-page introductory adventure.  MSRP is $52.23.

Game masters who want more options can add the Fallout:  The Roleplaying Game Gamemaster Toolkit, which comes with handouts to help streamline game play, a booklet with tips and commonly-used tables, maps featuring Commonwealth, Wasteland, and Downtown post-nuclear Boston areas, a pad of character sheets, and a sheet of die-cut Nuka-Cola tokens.  MSRP is $34.36.

Also on offer is the Fallout:  The Roleplaying Game Dice Set, which includes a 20-sided Hit Location die, two 20-sided dice with the VaultTec logo on the “1” face, and four 6-sided Damage Dice featuring Vault Boy and blast marks.  MSRP is $21.99.

Modiphius is also offering a limited edition Fallout:  The Roleplaying Game G.E.C.K. Special Edition Box set, with a special version of the core rulebook with debossed graphics and foil treatment, the Gamemaster Toolkit, the Dice Set, and 50 Nuka-Cola bottle caps.  The G.E.C.K. set comes in a special edition box.  Production will be limited to 2,000 copies.  MSRP is $192.42.

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Next month, Modiphius will launch its Dune role playing game (see “Modiphius Details ‘Dune:  Adventures in the Imperium’ RPG”).  The company has also announced plans to expand its Star Trek role playing game to include material inspired by the Picard and Discovery series (see “Modiphius Entertainment Announces Expansion of their ‘Star Trek’ RPG and Miniatures License”).