Two new games have been announced for release that are both aimed at helping Marvel fans celebrating Deadpool's 30th Anniversary (see "Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel for 'Deadpool Nerdy 30' and 30 Covers").

Deadpool's "Nerdy Thirty" rolls and now game companies are getting in on the action. Mondo Games also will release a new Unmatched: Deadpool set. This set features a new miniatures sculpt of Deadpool accompanied by a health dial and 31 cards to add to a game of Unmatched (see "Restoration Games Unveils 'Unmatched' Game Line at GTS"). It will retail for $18.00 and is on preorder.

The Op just announced that they will release an updated version of their adult party game, Deadpool vs The World, that originally released in 2018 (see "Move Over 'CAH,' Deadpool Has a Brand New Game"). The new version has a new all-black box and special “Nerdy 30 Years” marking. This game will be a limited release scheduled for May 26 and retail for $24.99.

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