Change is rapidly altering the comic distribution landscape, and we round up recent news here.

Longtime publisher Eigomanga has launched Comics Distro, a new distribution company based in San Jose, California.  The new company bundles printing and distribution services for comics publishers.  Publishers upload digital files for their books to the Comics Distro website, and set prices and printing details.  Orders from retailers are taken through the site (minimum order of 25 copies per item), and when the time comes, printing and fulfillment are handled by Robinson Anderson Print and Fulfillment in Elk Grove, California.  In addition to Eigomanga’s books, Comics Distro recently added the TidalWave Productions comics to its lines.

Meanwhile, Scout Comics has opened Universal Distribution as a new, non-exclusive distributor to Canadian comic stores.  Universal also distributes DC Comics in Canada.  The new arrangement begins with May orders for July releases.  Scout has been diversifying its distribution channels to comic stores, recently adding DC Comics distributor Lunar Distribution as a distributor, along with Diamond Comic Distributors (see "Lunar Distribution Adds Scout Comics").