Renegade Game Studios revealed High School Hijinks and Lady Leona's Last Wishes, part of the new Crimes and Capers product line, for release in summer 2021.

In High School Hijinks, players take on the roles of 90s high school students attempting to figure out who framed their friend Romi. This cooperative game combines the mechanics of a murder mystery party game with escape room puzzles. The game box comes with a Host Guide, a Locked Locker Box, Characters’ Binders with all the notes between them and their friends, a map of Blair High School, puzzle sheets, Student & Teacher Schedules, a Suspect Board, Final Results envelopes, access to hints, and more.

Lady Leona's Last Wishes has players collaborating to solve a mystery and find Leona's lost treasure cache. Players take on the roles of high society folks and servants who need to work together to unravel clues. The game box includes a Host Guide, a Locked Chest, Character diaries, a map of Langford Estate, puzzle sheets, Final Results envelopes, access to hints, and more.

These games are for four to six players, ages 14 and up, and play in 90 minutes. Each game will retail for $32.00.

Renegade Game Studios recently offered a Kickstarter retailer pledge level for their My Father's Work, a new mad scientist board game (see "Renegade Game Studios Offers KS Retailer Pledge Level for 'My Father's Work'").