The first issue of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn’s Universe has sold “well over 200K units," according to publisher Image Comics, which says that makes it Image’s top selling first issue of this century. While Image did not give an exact figure, this would mean that Spawn’s Universe #1 outsold Fire Power #1, which had to be reprinted after 200,000 issues sold out at the distributor level (see “Image Hits Six Figure Print Runs on Two Current Comics”). 

More relevant to the Spawn franchise, Spawn #300 had unit sales to retailers of 265,000 in September 2019 (see “‘Spawn’ #300 Was Top Comic in September!” This 300th issue was something of a collector’s item, as it matched Cerebus as the longest-running creator-owned comic and had a number of variant covers. Spawn’s Universe #1 has six variant covers.

Spawn’s Universe #1 will be released on July 23, the first of four new series that lay the groundwork for an expansion of the universe surrounding Spawn (see "McFarlane Plans Spawn Universe"). Three more titles will debut in 2021: King Spawn in August, Gunslinger in October, and The Scorched in December.