Asmodee USA announced that they have inked an exclusive agreement with Super Meeple to distribute their catalog of English language games worldwide.

Super Meeple is a Parisian company that was founded in 2014, and their catalog includes Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer's Tikal, which won the 1999 Spiel des Jahres and will be returning to U.S. shelves as part of this deal. They also publish games like Mississippi Queen, U.S. Telegraph, and Paper Dungeons.

“Adding the award-winning range of Super Meeple games to Asmodee USA’s catalog is a win for everyone,” said Andre Kieren, Head of USA Distribution. “We are always looking for games we know will resonate with our customers and our values, which Super Meeple’s titles certainly do.”

They have announced one new title, Genesia. It is an area control strategy game with card drafting mechanics. Super Meeple’s line of games will start releasing through Asmodee USA in July.

Recently, ICv2 conducted an interview with Kieran to discuss the state of the games market (see "ICv2 Interview: Asmodee USA Head of Distribution Andre Kieren").