dV Giochi announced Wonder Book, a new pop-up board game, for release in Q4.

In Wonder Book, players are teleported to the fantasy realm of Oniria through a new board game formatted similar to a pop-up book. They assume the roles of one of four teenagers who explore the 3D environment. This game features beautiful 3D artwork, and comes with highly-detailed miniatures to use as pawns.

"Wonder Book is like no other board game,” said Bryce Whitacre, U.S. Brand Specialist. “It features a new element in gaming with a pop-up game environment combined with the miniatures and dice experience loved by most gamers.”

Thus far, there has been no word on MSRP for this product at this time.

Italian game company daVinci Editrice S.r.l. (a.k.a. dV Giochi) acquired Ghenos S.r.l. earlier this year (see "Game Companies Combine").