Corvus Belli will release Infinity CodeOne: Operation Crimson Stone, a new Battle Pack, into retail stores in August.

The new Battle Pack comes with everything players need to start-up a game of Infinity CodeOne, and it is compatible with Infinity N4.  This battlebox comes with two armies worth of miniatures, one from the Nomads and the other from Ariadna.  It also includes a 40-page booklet that provides introductory background on the two armies, and tutorial missions for new players to dive into.

The game box comes with the following miniatures: 3 Corregidor Alguaciles, a Sombra, Forward Interdiction Team, a Evader, EVA Tactical Group, Hellcats, an Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos, a Rokots (Rifle), a Rokots (SMG), a Rokots (Light Shotgun), a Paracommando (Boarding Shotgun), a SAS (Boarding Shotgun), 1 Volkolak (HMG), and a Zenit-7 (AP Sniper Rifle).  Preorders will also include a Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff miniature.  This Battle Pack will retail for $143.99.

Corvus Belli also launched Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid earlier this year (see "Corvus Belli Teases 'Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid'").

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