Modiphius Entertainment has revealed the first releases for its Homeworld:  Revelations tabletop role playing game, which will launch this winter.

Announced in 2019 (see “Modiphius Entertainment Developing ‘Homeworld:  Revelations’ RPG”), Homeworld:  Revelations allows players to explore the universe of the Homeworld video game series.  Players take on the role of explorers and agents of the Kushan fleet.  The game features writing by Homeworld writer Martin Cirulis and artwork from Homeworld artist Aaron Kambeitz.

Homeworld:  Revelations will expand on the lore of the universe as presented in the video games, including new details about the Kadesh and Taiiden, the Guidestone, and the people of the whirlpool galaxy.  The game is built on Modiphius’ 2d20 RPG system with new mechanics created for the Homeworld setting, including starship combat rules.

The initial release will include the Core Rulebook, Gamemaster Screen, and Dice Set.

The Homeworld:  Revelations Core Rulebook will be a 300-page full-color hardcover book that includes setting background, character creation, and rules for play.  MSRP is $50.00.  A limited Collectors Edition Core Rulebook with a faux leather embossed cover will also be offered for $71.00.

Art not final
The Gamemaster Screen features artwork on one side and useful charts and tables on the other.  It comes with handouts and tokens for tracking Threat and Momentum during play.  MSRP is $36.00. 

Rounding out the first wave is the Homeworld:  Revelations Dice Set, which includes 4 custom 6-sided combat dice and 2 custom 20-sided dice, all with the Homeworld logo.  MSRP is $22.00.

Click Gallery below for sample artwork from the game.

Modiphius recently announced new titles for its licensed Conan role playing game as well (see “Conan Journeys East in ‘The Wanderer’” and “‘Conan the King’ Arrives to Claim the Throne”).