Two members of the comics industry have joined the board of directors of Comic Books for Kids: Kae Winters of Tokyopop and Brad Rooks of the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group.

Winters, who has a background in nonprofit work, joined Tokyopop in 2016 and is a member of the marketing department, handling communications, marketing, public relations, and events. Rooks came to Oni Press in 2012 as Inventory Coordinator and is now the Director of Operations for Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group. Both have supported ComicBooks for Kids since it was founded in 2017.

ComicBooks for Kids is a charity that provides free, kid-friendly comics to patients in hospital, cancer centers, and medical facilities across the U.S. (see “Diamond Joins ComicBooks for Kids”). Its sister charity, ComicBooks for Troops, donates comics to the military (see “22,000 Comics Donated to Special Forces”). Together, the two charities have given away 100,000 comics since 2017.

Publishers or retailers who are interested in donating can find information for both organizations at ComicBooks for Kids.