WizKids unleashed Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Set 1 and Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Set 2, two Critical Role monster miniatures sets, for release in November 2021.

Monsters of Tal'Dorei - Set 1  and Set 2 showchase a variety of monsters unique to Tal’Dorei campaign setting. Each boxed set contains full-painted, premium miniatures ready to be inserted into RPG encounters. Set 1 comes with a Deepkeeper, a Cinderslag Elemental, a Cobalt Golem, a Magma Landshark, a Miskath Gorgon, a Platinum Golem, a Vos’sykriss Serpentfolk, and a Vos’sykriss Serpentfolk Ghost (2 unique poses). Set 2 features an Adranach, a Centaur Skeleton, a Centaur Skeleton with Head, a Cold Snap Spirit, a Cyclops Stormcaller, a Demonfeed Spider, an Ettin, a Flaming Skeleton, a Satyr, and a Wraithroot Tree.

Each set will retail for $59.99.

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