The webcomics platform Webtoon will soon publish new comics featuring DC superheroes, according to an announcement that was made via Variety.

While the report contained few details, DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Daniel Cherry III said that DC has been collaborating with Webtoon’s writers and artists to create comics in the format that Webtoon uses on its mobile apps. Specifics of characters and stories will be announced in the near future, but the webcomics will be accessible to new readers. The DC comics will be available in English first and then will be translated into other languages. 

On Twitter, former DC editor Andy Khouri said that the companies have been working on the agreement for years and credited DC’s former VP Global Publishing Initiatives and Digital Strategy Bobbie Chase, who lost her job during DC’s August 2020 round of staff cuts (see “DC Implosion – Major Staff Cuts”), former Director - Global Affiliated Publishing & Business Development Sandy Resnick, and former Associate Editor Liz Erickson for making it happen. “The editor in charge from the jump was and is the mighty Katie Kubert,” he added.

Webtoon, which is owned by the Korean company Naver, has 72 million active users per month, of which 10 million are in the U.S. The company publishes vertically scrolling webcomics, generally known as webtoons, on its website and its mobile apps for Android and iOS, and its audience is young, largely in the 16 to 24 age group. Some episodes are available for free while others are behind a paywall. Webtoon already carries comics from Top Cow and Legendary on its platform, and Image will publish a Webtoon comic in print (see “Image to Publish ‘Punderworld’ OGN from Webtoon”).