Modiphius Entertainment will release Dune - Adventures in the Imperium: Sand and Dust, a new sourcebook for Dune - Adventures in the Imperium RPG, in December.

The Sand and Dust sourcebook specifically focuses on the planet of Arrakis. It contains a full overview for the planet, including its history, features, and other background.  The book goes into detail about desert-dwelling Fremen, and offers new options for Fremen PCs such as archetypes, talents and rules for riding sandworms.

Sand and Dust also features an in-depth explanation of how spice is harvested as well as some of its secrets.  For gamemasters, this book is filled with scenario hooks, new NPCs, and campaign options for smugglers and merchants.  There is also a gazetteer of the cities Carthag and Arrakeen, which shows their layout.

This 156-page full-color hardcover book will retail for $63.00.

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