CMON announced that they will partner with Monsoon Digital to create a new series digital collectibles and promos using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will release on Monsoon's upcoming trading platform.

Getting into the blockchain collectibles business has been one of the the hot trends for geek culture-related companies in 2021; in April, Funko, Inc. went headlong into NFT collectibles when they picked up a majority stake in Tokenhead (see "Funko, Inc. Dives into the NFT Market"). Monsoon Digital will be launching their NFT collectible trading site into a public beta later in 2021, and CMON's first wave of digital collectible packs are slated to be one of its flagship product lines.

“As it is with our tabletop games, our focus is on the customer," said Geoff Skinner, CMON’s SVP of Marketing & Entertainment. "The goals we set for this new collector experience are simple: it has to be easy to use and accessible, it has to offer a special, personalized experience, and most importantly, it has to be fun. To these ends, we’re working with our top game designers, graphic designers, and artists to create our first blockchain product on Monsoon’s incredible platform.”    

CMON will be celebrating its digital product launch by giving several of its 100,000+ Kickstarter backers a chance to get free NFT airdrops when Monsoon goes live. CMON backers will also be eligible to receive an exclusive “CMON Backer” promo NFT.