TCGplayer and Legend Story Studios, publisher of the ‘Flesh and Blood TCG,’ are partnering in a direct-to-consumer campaign to benefit local game stores tied to the launch of the new Flesh and Blood expansion, Tales of Aria, which will be released September 24 (see “Flesh and Blood Tells the ‘Tales of Aria’”), the companies announced. 

The program offers a TCGplayer Tales of Aria Collector’s Bundle, including a first-edition booster box, three Tales of Aira Blitz Decks and a limited edition playmat and collector’s certificate unique to TCGplayer, to consumers on the platform beginning today.  Each bundle’s sales will be credited to a participating local game store.  TCGplayer will provide marketing, listing, fulfillment, shipping, and customer service for the bundles.

This program follows an initial promotion that distributed $75,000 to local game stores (see “TCGplayer and Legend Story Distribute $75K to Game Stores”).

“Together, we further our commitment to brick-and-mortar shops — keeping them connected to product sales — while bringing limited-edition and exclusive Flesh and Blood products to fans across the TCGplayer marketplace,” TCGplayer CEO Chedy Hampson said of the partnership with Legend Story.

Legend Story CEO James White similarly focused on supporting game stores. “With TCGplayer, we’ve developed an innovative way to support the local game store community across the U.S., and achieve our mission of bringing people together through the common language of playing great games,” he said.