Fantasy Flight Game teased KeyForge: Two Player Starter Set - Winds of Exchange, the sixth set for KeyForge.

New KeyForge product has been absent from the marketplace since Dark Tidings arrived earlier this year (see " 'Dark Tidings'").  FFG blamed the COVID-19 pandemic and an "unforeseen complication" as the reasons why Keyforge been on hiatus for most of 2021.  Currently, FFG is unable to generate any new decks, but they teased the sixth Keyforge as proof that the game wasn't being permanently shelved and is poised for a comeback at a later date.

KeyForge: Two Player Starter Set - Winds of Exchange is a completely developed set that was intended to hit stores in fall of 2021.  However, since there were a few issues hindering its release, the new set will be released when KeyForge gets relaunched at a later date.  FFG also mentioned that they intend to release a digital version of KeyForge with Stainless Games, who developed Duels of the Planeswalker, in the future.