The fifth set of Archon Decks for Fantasy Flight’s KeyForge card game will be Dark Tidings, set to release in the first quarter of 2021.

Based on an aquatic theme, Dark Tidings introduces the new House Unfathomable to the game, replacing House Dis, along with 250 new cards.  House Unfathomable features the sea-dwelling humanoid Aquans as well as a variety of creatures from the sea depths.  This faction is built around a strategy of exhausting their enemies and by manipulating the new Tide game mechanic, which can modify the abilities of other cards depending on which player is at High Tide.

In addition to the new House and the Tides, Dark Tidings also offers a new element to KeyForge in the form of “evil twin decks.”  These are exact duplicates of existing decks already printed and held by a player, but with “evil twin” variants for the creatures within, sporting new artwork and abilities.

Click Gallery below to see sample cards from the set.

Dark Tidings will be available in three formats.  The Dark Tidings Two-Player Starter Set, MSRP $24.95, includes two 36-card decks and all of the tokens two players need to play the game.  The Dark Tidings Deluxe Archon Deck has a single 36-page deck and all the tokens a single player needs for MSRP $14.95.  Meanwhile, the Dark Tidings Archon Deck has only a single unique 36-card deck with an MSRP of $9.95.

The fourth KeyForge set, Mass Mutation, was released earlier this year (see “Fantasy Flight Games Reveals ‘Keyforge:  Mass Mutation’”).  KeyForge continues to be a success for the company, ranking in the top ten best-sellers on ICv2’s list of top Collectible Games last fall (see “Top Collectible Games--Fall 2019”).

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Fantasy Flight has cancelled all Keyforge-related in-store organized play events through September 1 (see “Fantasy Flight Postpones In-Store OP until Fall”).