Lucky Duck Games revealed Chronicles of Crime: 2400, a new cooperative sci-fi sleuthing game, for release in November.

This third standalone game in the Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series (see "'Chronicles of Crime: 1900'") takes place in the far future. It is the year 2400, and players take on the role of Kalia Lavel, a distant relative of both Victor Lavel and Abelard Lavel from the previous games. Kalia is a highly-trained cyber-agent who recently quit BelCor, and is off solving crimes solo.

Kalia roams about in a world where androids look like the humans that inhabit Paris. Cybernetic implants are commonplace and players will explore a sci-fi city from its slums to a the luxurious translucent Dome. Players will also have opportunities to improve Kalia's cybernetics as the game progresses to help them gather evidence in an effort to solve the case and complete the game.

The game box comes with 40 character cards, 38 evidence category cards, 15 special object cards, 7 double-sided location boards, a home location board, 4 implant cards, an implant board, a crow card, an evidence board, and a rulebook. This game is for one to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60-90 minutes.